Exclusive authors can sell music on other platforms?

Hi, i see, that some top exclusive authors sell their music on apple music and itunes store.
I haven’t been here for many years, have the rules changed and exclusives can now be sold not only on audiojungle?

You cant sell elsewhere if you are exclusive.

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You can sell you music for listening purpose on Apple Music, and similar platforms.

The exclusivity prevents you from selling music for sync purpose on stock platforms.


So Envato close eyes on that authors, cos they are top? Or just those authors plays with fire.

Oh, thanks, that understands everything)
By the way, i see, that i can upload only 2 music items per month.
Where can i read for that new rules? Cant find it anywhwere.
Maybe there some new tier system?

Your upload limit depends on your approval/rejection ration. Over 70% approval gets you 30 items per month, under 70% gets you two item per month.

You can see that there:

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Thank you so much :cherry_blossom:
Strange, i have only 1 or 2 soft reject and no hard for all time and items, but still only 2 per month.
Maybe because of all items i uploaded was 5 and more years ago and i need to get new ratio from new uploads.