Exclusivity of the items

Hi, i would examine in depth the exclusivity for Audiojungle items.


" you cannot sell, distribute, or even give away for free your items (or any related items ) outside of Envato."

“If you choose to make an item available on an exclusive basis, then any items you create in the same Product Family must also be sold/distributed exclusively on Envato.”

" If an author’s item is sufficiently different to their existing exclusive items for it to be accepted on Envato as a separate item, then you can offer it elsewhere as long as it’s not presented to customers as being related to the exclusive item (see the section above on related items).

However, if the author’s item is determined by Envato staff as being ‘too similar’ to their existing exclusive items and is not acceptable as a separate item, then you are not permitted to offer it elsewhere, even if it’s not presented to customers as being related to the exclusive item. This applies to rejected related items as well.

In determining whether items are ‘too similar’, Envato staff will look at a number of comparison factors between the two items, including but not limited to differences in features, functionality, design and utility, and make a call based on their reasonably held opinion as content specialists."

I don’t understand well. An example: i have an item on audiojungle and it is exclusive. I change the tonality, the bpm, some notes and the timbre of some instruments, now this is a new version, a new item, because it’s not the same of the original. This new item can be sold on another library music, or can i sell it on a personal site ?

I don’t understood the limits, who decide if an item is related ? For me, for example, just changing the tonality the music has a different mood and is a new item.

The best way to understand is to write a new track from scratch which is different from your exclusive items. If you want to upload additional versions (or variations) of exclusive tracks (AJ) to another marketplace, then so you can not do it this way, because it will be considered the same track.

P.S. If you just change tonality and make a bunch of clones, I think this is not a good idea.:wink:
Good luck!

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Ok, but why is it considered the same track ? If i change notes and tonality is a different item or not ? In that case i can’t find the same item on 2 different marketplace, if i want one of the two items i have to buy it on a marketplace or the other.

A quickly example;
Radiohead lost a demand for Creep against this track from The Hollies some years ago.
Are the same track? No, but…

Dude is easier to write a new track, the concept of “change a couple of notes and tonality” is very blurry. I understand you that you want to make a variation of the same track in several versions, maybe I misunderstood something?


I would use the elements that works in a track and create a different version, at this point i think that is “different” and unique, maybe similar, but you can’t find that exactly item in other marketplace.

Reinsure and contact support on this issue, give them links to these two versions of the track. Maybe they will tell you what would be more correct.
Good luck!

I was hoping to get more information here on the forum, maybe from some moderator or expert

Listen to Get Free by Lana Del Ray :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seems only right that contact support on this issue

I knew that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Did you know that Radiohead demanded Lana for that? :joy::rofl:

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Yeah I know :smile: anyway Thom is very talented

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Yes, i love Radiohead, specially their firsts lp´s, but all this is really funny.

I still remember when they lost the demand against The Hollies, Radiohead stopped to play live Creep for a lot of years. They said they we´re tired to play it, but we know the truth… :joy:

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I remember the first time i heard that lana Del Ray track. It was so close to Creep it made me feel really uncomfortable! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Maybe it was a tribute? :smile: As for the The Hollies vs Radiohead it doesn’t really make me feel that way :wink:

Lana just recorded a cover :stuck_out_tongue:

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