Exclusive or non-exclusive?

I’m planning to start selling music on AudioJungle and there’s one thing I can’t find the info about. As I’m an artist publishing music on Spotify and other music services it’s important to know before I start to sell.

If I choose exclusive, to only sell my music on Envato, does this mean all of my songs or only the songs I’m uploading to Envato?

Hey, exclusivity only applies to the songs you’ll upload to Envato.

Thank you!

If you choose to offer your items on an exclusive basis, then you’ll benefit from lower author fees, but this means you cannot sell, distribute, or even give away for free your items (or any related items) outside of Envato. This includes on your own website.

Exclusivity Policy

  1. Exclusivity: When you become an author, you can choose to make your items and related items available exclusively on Envato or to retain the ability to sell your items elsewhere.

Author Terms

Does exclusivity extend to related items?
Yes. If you choose to make an item available on an exclusive basis, then any items you create in the same Product Family must also be sold/distributed exclusively on Envato.

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