Exclusive or non exclusive

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows why we can’t choose to be exclusive or non-exclusive by individual track?

How does Envato benefit from making us choose to either be exclusive or non exclusive?



You have only the choice beetween exclusive or not-exclusive author, that are the envato rules. Why? i don´t know. Ask the support :slightly_smiling:

I didn’t read terms but maybe when You change to non-exclusive and there will be some other big market, You will can’t sell old items when You were exclusive ? But in second hand their can have big deleting queue :slight_smile:

hi, it depends on what u are selling obviously, but honestly i do not see what is the interest to be non exclusive, fees are very high and pleas where u can efficiently sell are not the numerous , so , if i were u , i would choose exclusive indeed …but that’s up to u to see what’s best for u …