Audiojungle - exclusive or not?

This forum is full of “slow month” and “no sales” comments since envato changed the tax and i ask you: is it better to become a non exclusive author?

Slow month and no sales comments have been around since the day the forums started! Some people can overreact slightly, based on very short-term swings in sales, so the comments shouldn’t always be taken as an indicator of the success of the marketplace as a whole. Based on some people’s comments, Envato should have been bankrupt several years ago… but they’re still here, going strong!

I’m not sure how the tax change would alter sales numbers, seeing that buyers still pay exactly the same amount. Unless you’re on about VAT? That could have had a bit of an impact, I guess, but it’s unavoidable under the circumstances.

As for exclusive and non-exclusive, that’s up to you I guess. 50% (and potentially 70%) is a lot better than 36%, but you’ve got to ‘do the math’ and figure out what is best for you in the long run. You can always change at a later date though.

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Get 2 accounts and do both.

That way you’re exclusive tracks can earn 50% here and you can also upload all your non ex tracks to other sites and earn 50% there as well.

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hi well i guess it all depends on the kind of author that u turn out to be , being non exclusive makes sense as long as u consider that u have reliable other places where u can sell but in some categories there aren’t so many , so this is up to u detremine just this , however los of guys have two accounts and maybe doing what @Woodmill recommended maybe a cool solution for you to se what is best for u :slight_smile:

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