First sale

Hi guys. Recently I bought the first track. Its price is $ 19. I have questions on this subject.
Under “Statments” stated: Gross +15,20 - why not 19$?
Taxes -4,26 - This is how I understand taxes but I am not a US citizen. Should they be deducted from me?
Fees -8,36 - It takes envato?
And I just left 2.58$.

hi are u an exclusive author? which paw are u? and did u fullfill the US tax info fields?

Doesnt make much sense in any case, non-exclusive would also get much more than that. I think you misread something, pal. You might want to screenshot those several numbers, and hide all your sensitive/personal data, so we could see at least, whats actually said there. If you prefer in private, let me know, Ill check that for ya :slight_smile:

Not exclusive. What is it? Yes, I filled out the form that I am not a US citizen and sent him.

In what section I need to make a screenshot?

Where it does say about taking all but 2.58$… it just does`nt make sense to me, though I am not a specialist on markets other than AJ.

  • It looks as if Envato has not received your tax information = 28% US Backup Withholding Tax on all sales.
  • You are a non-eclusive author = 55% author fee rate

On Audiojungle the list price includes the item price and the buyer fee (20%)
gross income = list price - buyer fee
The gross income is the base on which you have to pay income taxes and author fee

List price: $19.00
Buyer fee: $19.00 * 20.00% = $3.80 paid by buyer
Gross income: $19.00 - $3.80 = $15.20
US Backup Withholding Tax: $15.20 * 28.00% = $4.26 paid by author
Author fee: $15.20 * 55.00% = $8.36 paid by author
Net income: $15.20 - $4.26 - $8.36 = $2.58

You are from Russia and Russia has a 0% tax treaty with the USA. So submit again the W-8 form including your russian taxpayer number as foreign tax ID and you must not pay US taxes on further sales.

exclusive means that u sell your items only in AJ , not in any other marketplace and the starting income resulting is way lower in the first place … so this has a big impact on the money that u get …