Question about net earnings of a new author

Hi everyone i am new on Audiojungle :wink:
i started selling a few items recently, but i don’t get why the last item priced 19$ is 9,50$ net.
Anyone could explain?
Thanks and good luck for your items :slight_smile:

List Price: $19.00
Buyer Fee: $19.00 * 20.00% = $3.80
Gross income: $19.00 - $3.80 = $15.20
Author Fee: $15.20 * 37.50% = $5.70
Earnings: $15.20 - $5.70 = $9.50


Thank you very very useful :)wow that almost 50%
i don’t know why other items sold 19$ comes 12$ and something, net
Thanks, you’re very kind

You need to go to settings ->author tools -> tax information

Enter the data and your net earnings will be fine.

Its not almost, its exactly 50% which is what you get as exclusive author. Maybe you sold an item when Envato had the Author Fee free day? That would explain why you got more than 50 %.
You will get a bigger percentage of the earnings as you get more sales.

thank you :slight_smile: