items prices question


HI guys I tried to find out checking forums and terms but I couldn’t find the answer to this. I found that if i sell an item that on my portfolio shows for instance 5$ as price, on my statement the price is 4$ and as esclusive author I pay 1.5$ fee, so on one item that a customer pay 5 I earn just 2.5. Is this normal? why 4?


Sounds about right. The $5 is the list price, the $4 is the item price… the missing $1 is the buyer’s fee. Take away the author’s fee from the remaining $4 (which is on a sliding scale depending on how much you’ve sold - it’s 37.5% in your case) and then you’re left with $2.50

Back in the day, it used to be 50% to Envato, 50% to the author (for exclusive authors) but the way they calculated it changed a few years back. It still works out to 50% in a lot of instances, like yours, but sometimes it doesn’t, especially when author driven prices comes into play.


thanks man