envato fee

an exclusive author sells an item for 6 $ and got only 1.87 $ salary?

shouldn’t it be 3$ as minimum (50%)?

can someone pls show me the calculation to 1.87 $?
i dont get it:

6$ item price
50% envato takes

author got 3$ and they take away another 37.50% for envato?
so the author got on the end only 1.87$?

that means i get only 31.2% as an exclusive author?
is that serious?



It’s right.

It used to be 50% of the item price. Then they changed it. The list price is made up of the item price (80% of the list price) and the buyers fee (20% of the list price). From the item price, Envato deduct the author fee, which if you’ve made less than $3,750 in sales, is 37.5%. So a $10 item would be made up of a $2 buyer fee, a $3 author fee and the remaining $5 goes to the author.

Now that’s changed again if you’re a Graphicriver author, which you are. The buyer fee is a fixed amount based on the category you’re in, and you can set the item price of the item. So the item price that you have specified is added to the buyer fee which Envato have specified, to arrive at the list price. The different buyers fees are detailed here…

So back in the day, your list price was $6, your buyer fee was $1.20 and your item price was $4.80. Take your 37.5% from the item price and you get $3.00

Now your list price is $6, your buyer fee is $3 (that’s the kicker) and your item price is $3. Take 37.5% from $3 and you get $1.87

You need to check the buyer fee for the categories you’re selling items in, and use the calculations above to decide on an item price that you’re happy with. Ideally one that ensures you still get 50% of the list price or more.

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thanks for your reply.

i understand that.

but then they make a fault - they take fees of 3$ (normally 1$) for graphic-items which cost 6$.

If they classify them as powerpoint templates…well than i need to get 12$ normally and they could take their 3$ fee.



ps: btw, if you hold your “old” prices you get less money for them, envato gets more - thats a good strategy to get 5-12% more for the shareholder of the company and less for the artist which have the work …

Yeah, I did the math and you’ll have to price your $6 Powerpoint stuff at at least $8 to make the same amount as you were before. Although you’ll then get $3.12 per sale, rather than $3.00

Some items will earn you more at the old price and some will make you less. Like if your $6 item was in the graphics category, you’d be getting $3.12 per sale rather than $3. But it does seem that Envato will be earning more on lower priced items. I’m pretty sure that was a deciding factor, on top of the publicly communicated reasons for the change.

The searches only go up to 60 pages, so I don’t know the exact numbers, but there are at least 1800 items priced at $2.

For a $2 item before the change… author gets $1.00, Envato gets $1.00

For a $2 item after the change… author gets $0.62, Envato gets $1.375

Basically, anything priced less than $5 will make Envato more money after the change.

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pouaaaahhhhhh i don’t understand anything, now creative guys will have to run maths court to be an author here … that really makes no sense at all, when most of us rather have allergy with figures …