Envato is cheating me for $0.01 per sale

Before I got $9.00 per sale. Now I get $8.99 after some magic rounding in Envato’s favor. Can someone explain this?

I wanted to post an image, but since I am a “new user”, this is not possible.


this is a cheating with me too, but I know why

For me a sell of 6$ includes

Envato Says :
Our author fee to exclusive authors is between 12.5%-37.5% of the item price.

Since I am new author, so I am considering 37.5% author fees.
Buyer Fees of 20%

So I get 80% excluding buyer fees.
For 6$ I get, 80% of 6$ = 4.80$

Accourding to previous charges (not including support charge)
Author Fees = 37.5% of 4.80 = 1.80

But now that 4.80$ is divided into two 3$ and 1.80$, So calculating author fees on both.
Author Fees for sale = 37.5% of 3$ = 1.125$ but they charge 1.13$, So loss of 0.005$ here,
again, Author fees for included support sale = 37.5% of 1.80$ = 0.675$ but they charge 0.68$, so loss of 0.005$ here,
total loss 0.01$
New Author Fees = 1.13$ + 0.68$ = 1.81$, previously that was 1.80$

Hope this helps,



Everybody is having that. I hope they fix it.

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Just noticed that myself. It seems they started substracting 3$ for support and then applying tax for item and support afterwards. I’m not bothered for $0.01 but it’s annoying how they take 50% already and still need to take another 0.01$.


Reminds me of Superman 3.


It’s only a penny, but my OCD for whole numbers is greatly taxed.


We also like to know why Envato is robbing authors and this hasn’t been addressed yet. And please don’t close the topic, the main thread is a mess of questions.

I’m also getting a loss of $0.01 per sale after Item Support Policy introduction.
I have submitted ticket #295092 with screenshot and explanation to Envato Support few hours ago.

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Oh come on… it’s one cent. I get that it’s a matter of principle but let’s not exaggerate.

yeah… I calculated that yesterday. My Statement is missing $0.01 indeed.

If Envato made 10,000 sales they will earn $100 ( I remember a bank fraud now :stuck_out_tongue: )


Wow, i actually didn’t thought of that. I guess it’s serious business as there are probably hundreds of items sold per minute.

It’s not about the one cent, It’s about how they do things. Maybe one cent it’s not a big of a deal but it’s the way that Envato is handling the latest issues about the new policy change. This question has been asked in the main thread, and even though the envato staff replied to other questions, they chose to ignore this one and other questions that don’t favours them, that’s why we don’t think we are exaggerating. So it’s not about the cent, it’s about what’s right for the everyday author. Also like surjithctly said, maybe it’s not a lot for the small author, but it sure is a lot for them when you see how many theme sales Envato has per day.


This is probably just a rounding error in the code. I’m sure that if Envato wanted to commit bank fraud they would do it in a much smarter and less traceable way!

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Yep i get that and i do agree it’s a matter of principle. I do however don’t want to exagerate that i’m ripped or something like that, especially on purpose. Most likely with the latest issues, the marketplaces are having some problems that most likely will be fixed. All in all, one cent, two cents or $100 it is unacceptable.

In regards to Envato’s replies, what i did noticed as a pattern is that usually they pay a lot of attention to their public replies and many replies are based on what the markeplaces manager or even Collis is saying, so feedback is quite hard to get. What i did learned is that individual feedback is more likely to get through Envato’s Support.

I agree with all of you about this being a principle.

As others mentioned before 0.01$ per sale is nothing for an author. However when you look at it from Envato’s point of view maybe they are making even thousands per day with those extra 0.01$.

I hope Envato will listen to their authors one day.

We agree! Anyway, our sort of blunt statement was just after we saw the lack of official response here and in the main topic. We’ve already had an item which was wrongly priced (less than it should be) and then they corrected it (days after because we had to wait the Envato Support queue), but in that time we never got the full price for the first sales we had. The sooner the matter gets addressed, the sooner authors get what they are entitled for. That’s why we want Envato to address this as soon as possible in benefit for all the community :wink:

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Is not to much but is annoying, and is very big bonus to Envato from each sale made it.

Hello all! Just looked into this for you and it was passed across for investigation yesterday. It does look/sound peculiar but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation. We’ll get someone involved in this particular area to provide an official response as soon as possible. Thanks so much for alerting us of the issue and for your patience while we take a look. :thumbsup:


There is no problem losing that 0.01$, please bring more customers to the envato market by spending that money on advertisement. The new authors should never miss any opportunity. WE LOVE ENVATO :heart_eyes:
Check the second response of the thread to know how 0.01$ is lossed

True, but I believe we deserve a response from staff saying that “this issue is being worked on and will be fixed shortly”.

EDIT: Saw @scottwills 's response.

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