totally confuses with the author fee and sales earnings now



I am totally confused with the aurthor fee system and i think envato cut more with the new support system
my theme is of 58$ and my account % is 60

still i am getting 29.50 when i see a sale in my statement

anybuddy help please to understand this ?


Your account is set up as: Exclusive Author Or not !


yes it is set up as : exclusive author


Yeah, I am like this too, Sold something for $3 then in the statement took the $0.90 author fee and I was left with $1.50 which doesn’t add up, help appreciated.


Well if you’re on 50% then $1.50 would be right on a $3 item. The $0.90 is taken from the item price minus the buyers fee, not from the item price.


but what about my case please Tell me


why am I on 50% and nothing higher, even when I am selling exclusively on the Envato market.


If you choose to be and exclusive author, you are gonna get 50% of your sales.This value will increase up to 70% when you hit 75.000$ sales.You can see by accessing this page more details.


Because if you were non-exclusive you’d be getting 35%. You get 50% on an exclusive account, increasing by 1% for every $3750 you sell, up to 70%