I don't understand envato fees :(

  1. I’m not a US author.
  2. I already submitted the w8 tax form.
  3. I’m a exclusive author.

Here is one of my sales.
Not a US sale. this is a Australian sale.

When this sale was happening the fixed buyer fee was $4. and Item listed price was $29.

So let’s do maths.

  1. Item listed price: 29$
  2. After fixed buyer fee: 29 - 4 = 25$.
  3. After 37.5% of author fee: 25 - 9.375 = 15.62$.

Ok now fixed buyer fee and author fee was paid and I should get 15.62$ for every non US sales. I’m ok to this stage.

But I don’t understand what the heck is another author fee listed in my earning statements. please check the image. I have highlighted those fees.

Please help me I’m confuced. :frowning:

Those two fees are your author fees (at 37.5%). If you add them up ($3.52 + $5.86) it equals $9.38 which you already calculated:

You see two separate fees because Envato considers support and licenses as two separate items. But these fees will still be proportional and will sum up to what you expect.

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Here you will find about author fees related helpful article

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