Hi! Confusion about the fees


I was checking fixed buyer fees on envato, i’m a bit confused.

lets say product price is $30, its a WordPress plugin
after 2 Purchases (1 in may and another on june) balance is $15.00

i have no idea what’s going on.
could someone help on this fees matter?
Thanks for your time!

Hey, @ArifursDev

With the item being a plugin on CodeCanyon, the buyer fee is $4.00. This amount is added to the price of your item. So lets say you set the price at $30, the final price that the customer will see is $34.
More on buyers fee here: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000473203

Additionally, there is an author fee, which is a percentage taken off of your earnings for each sale.
You can get a lot more info from here.

Hi @ArifursDev,

( ( List Price/Purchase Price - Buyer fee ) - Withholding Tax ) - Author fee = Author Earning

Check potnetially Us withholding tax depending on where you are based:

US Tax Treaties:

You are no-exclusive author. and -

Non-Exclusive Author Fee 55%

Your item is in WordPress category. So, the buyer fee is $5

So, from your Item price on the item you can calculate:
( ( List Price/Purchase Price - Buyer fee ) - Withholding Tax ) - Author fee = Author Earning
( ($30 - $5 ) - Withholding Tax ) - 55% = Author Earning

If you fill-up the TAX form then for your location Withholding Tax for US sale is 10% and if not fill-up then 24% and fill-up but not provided TAX info then 28%.

Hope this help.


55% fees!!
Thats Unbelievable! :expressionless:

If you want more earning you can convert your account to exclusive.
Check exclusive Author fee here:

I didn’t read about exclusive author , which is you can only sell submitted products on envato and non exclusive author is you can sell it envato and anywhere else you want.

i didn’t even had any plan to sell it on other platforms anyway.

also thought they charge to make the account exclusive.

silly me! :sweat_smile:

exclusive author account will be perfect for you and you will earn more for a small amount of author fees. So, change Exclusivity of Your Items.

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