After selling $18 I've got $4.60


I’m a new author at Codecanyon. I’ve got my first sale of $18 but I’ve got $4.16 in my balance. Please see the screenshot below.

I’m confused about the Envato pricing. Would you please explain the screenshot above?

Thank You.

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Your statement should break it down for you:

Have you submitted your tax information? If not, you’ll lose 30% on all sales until you submit it. Once you do submit it, you’ll have 10% withheld only on sales from the United States.

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The price on the item page is the List Price, this price includes the Buyer Fee.

The Item Price is the List Price - Buyer Fee.
This Item Price is also your gross income of a sale.
Based on this gross income you have to pay the author fee and the US withholding tax.

($)List Price - ($)Buyer Fee = ($)Item Price
($)Item Price * (%)Author Fee = ($)Author Fee
($)Item Price * (%)US Tax = ($)US Tax
($)Item Price - ($)Author Fee - ($)US Tax = ($)Earnings

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Thanks for clarifying the matter. I will need to study about it.

Yes, I’ve submitted tax info.I know this issue a little bit better now. Thanks a lot.