How to understand my earning

I am not understanding how envato earning system works

Envato charging $4 extra from customer and 37% from author as author fees.

I did all efforts in development

Total sale - 3
Total sale value - $42
$4 From customer - $12 total from customer
remaining - $30
My earning - $9.75
envato earning - $32.25

( I need help here may be i am doing wrong calculation )
below is my earning screenshot , please check


( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning
Check your Author fee here:

Check potnetially Us witholding tax depending on where you are based:

US Tax Treaties:



[mgscoder] thank you sir :slightly_smiling_face:

What if - i am not paying tax in my country, i am college student so i can’t provide my tax information in this case envato will hold my 30% from my earning and after some time they will sent it to IRS.

  • Note* 30% hold only U.S sales

Lets do it again -
its mean -

*((( Item price - buyer fees ) - 30% ) - author fee ) = My earning ( this is for US sales and mostly sales come from US i think ).

am i right ?

i am asking because if i give my full time here then i should understand

Thank you :slight_smile:


For reducing US backup withholding tax (24%) you should to submit your TAX information form. If you submit the form with your TAX information then only tax will be taken for US sale and TAX percentage depends on your country.
US Tax Treaties:

Otherwise you have to give US backup withholding tax (24%) for all of your sale.

But for getting that tax facility you have to provide TAX information through settings=>tax information. When you complete your tax information, you must also provide Tax Identity Number, otherwise, Envato are required to deduct royalty withholding tax of 30% on your sales to US customers.


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