Please help me explain about fee

Hello everybody
My deductible system is a very expensive charge who can explain for me about case.
I was charged 2 times:

  1. US Backup Withholding Tax (withheld)
  2. Envato Author Fees.
    Thanks very much!


( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning
Check your Author fee here:

Check potnetially Us witholding tax depending on where you are based:

US Tax Treaties:


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Yep! It looks like you haven’t submitted your tax information, so you’re losing 24% from each sale. I just checked and your country has a full tax treaty with the US, so once you provide your tax information, you won’t be charged any backup withholding tax. :slight_smile:

Go to your Market account settings and look for the “Tax information” link on the sidebar. For you, that page will be at

Once you take care of that you will earn $13.12 per sale for that particular item, instead of the $8.08 that you’re earning right now.