Please can some answer my question



hi all
how are you hope you are fine
please i am new in this Marketplace platform and i need some help.
i made some sales last weeks but each time i sale something envato takes :

  • -$3.90 Author Fee for sale IVIP…*
  • -$3.12 US Royalty Withholding Tax*
  • -$2.91 US Backup Withholding Tax*
    i really dont know what is this and why envato take all that money from Authors.
    can someone please explain me why.
    by the way i am not from USA and maybe thats why envato takes all of that.
    thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.


Please contact support.


The author fee is the same for all authors and is 20% of the list price. It’s a bit more complicated if you’re on GraphicRiver, but it’s 20% for everything else. One the buyer fee is deducted, you then have the item price, which is the price shown on your statement page. From that, you have the author fee subtracted. 37.5% if you’ve sold less than $3,750 and then it reduces slightly every time you sell an additional $3,750.

Then you’ve got the tax. You shoulkd read this article here…

The basics are… if you don’t fill in a W8 form, then you’ll have 28% of the item price withheld on every sale. If you do fill in a W8 form, then you won’t have any tax withheld on sales from non-US buyers, and you’ll have 30% withheld on US sales.

In addition, if your country has a tax treaty with the US, then you can enter a tax ID number on the W8, and you will have a reduction applied to that 30%… which can be between 0 and 30%.