Why am I charged 50% of my taxes?

50 % is an incredible audacity! Hell, I’m outraged.This is robbery! :frowning:

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Are you talking about the withholding tax, or the author fee?

You can see information about submitting your tax information so your earnings are not withheld, though that should only be 24%.

If you’re a non exclusive author then you have a fee of 55% per sale.


hi non exclusive authors are getting approximately 33% of the sale price, and exclusive ones about 50% (but the thing can vary according to your paw), then there are additional fees ever since envato moved to usa, fees to be paid to IRS. The IRS tax thing is normally depending on where u live / come from and is according to USA trade deals with other countries. Though , if u do not fulfill their forms, u will be considered by default as american citizen and will be charged 1/3 of your gains

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