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Today I made my first sale, and from the 10 dollars that I should have earned (the price of the item is 14) I only got $ 5.75. I have introduced in the w-8 my TAX ID form, why then on the earnings do you take in addition to the 4 dollars of tax fees, even 44%? Does my country have agreements for 5% tax (ITALY), the remaining 39%?
I am exclusive author…

i upload a screenshot:

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Everything is ok.

When you set your price, there is a link “How much of this will I earn?”.

from your screenshot we can see 5% ($0.50) tax has deducted. and 37.5% ($3.75) author fee deducted. So, your earning is going fine, no issues there.

Check your Author fee here:

List Price = Item Price + Buyer Fee
Item Price is your gross income per sale
Buyer Fee is Envato’s first part of income per sale
Author Fee is Envato’s second part of income per sale

Based of your gross income you have to pay the author fee and possible US Withholding Tax

The calculation is as follows:
$14.00 - $4.00 = $10.00 (gross income)
$10.00 * 0.375 = $3.75 (author fee)
$10.00 * 0.5 = $0.50 (us withholding tax)
$10.00 - $3.75 - $0.50 = $5.75 (net income)