My product is 29$ and I got 4$ per sale. Why is fee so high?

Hello, as I understand fee is 50/50 for non-exclusive licence, and this is much more than that. What am I not seeing :slight_smile:

Fee is actually 55% for not exclusive authors:

But there is also witholding tax:

You should see more details under Statements section in your account.

Thank you for your answers. They are really helpful. This explains why I get 12 from 29 instead of 14.5, but for this tax witholding part, are they returning that after some time, or it’s permanent. Sorry for stupid questions this is my first time coming on Envato

Have you filled your company/tax information under your settings?

I am fortunate enough to live in a country with 0% withholding rate some I am not really sure how it works, but I would say you should take your time to read all the relevant articles at and consult everything what is not clear with your accountant.

I am from Serbia, I guess we are similar on that matter of taxes :slight_smile: Thanks so much on all the answers. I will read everything and fill it out if needed so I guess that will solve my problem

You should definitely fill it ASAP.

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i am sorry but this alone cannot justify such a small amount for a big price indeed and even if he is non exclusive author, i cannot identify how u shift from 29$ to a gain of 4, as price sell if he is non exclusive basically means that he gets around 2/3 of the initial price, in other words, 10$, if he is considered a us citizen - by non covid time - it looks like he should be charged around 33% of the concerned gain, in other words, he should get at least 6,5 or 7$ and not less than 5 anyways … there is something strange out there in my view

no this is around 33%, however see my answer to LSVR, i think that there is something strange in all this … as it seems to ne that u should get more despite non fulfilling the tax thing and being non exclusive , too

Well, if the @mosquitoes_design has any concerns then he should contact Envato Help of course:

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Serbia does not have a double taxation agreement with the USA.

Sales to US customers:

List Price: $29,00
Buyer Fee: $1,00
Gross income: $29,00 - $1,00 = $28,00
US Royalty Withholding Tax: $28,00 * 30,00% = $8,40
Author Fee: $28,00 * 55,00% = $15,40
Earnings: $28,00 - $8,40 - $15,40 = $4,20