Problem with money / sales



Hello dear friends… I have a problem with money … In introduction of exclusive author envato said me that i’ve been paid with 60% of item price. I understand and i accepted but, my first sale are 3$ and i have paid with 0.69$, i think was pretty good for first sale, i think is only for first sale but today i make a sale of a action with 5$ and i was paid with only 1,38 $, what is wrong ? Please help me … sorry for my english


The buyer was from US. So, substract the 30% US tax fee from original $5 price then substract the Envato part of earnings from the remaining part and you will get the $1.38 number


You have not given any taxpayer information about you to Envato!
Envato must treat you (by US law) as a US author without any tax infos = 28% Backup Withholding tax on your gross income of all your sales.

Purchase Price: $5.00 - $1.00 = $4.00 ($1.00 Buyer Fee)
Gross income: $4.00 * 28% = $1.12 US Backup Witholding Tax
Gross income: $4.00 * 37.50% = $1.50 Author Fee
Earnings: $4.00 - $1.12 - $1.50 = $1.38

You are from Romania, if you submit Envato your tax details( via your account settings) you can reduce the tax to 10% Royalty Tax only on US sales (other sales are without tax)


This is because you haven’t provide any text information. So envato is charging additional 30% US witholding tax on your every sales. You have to confirm that you are a not citizen of US. To do this go to settings>tax information.


hi, lol i do not know where u have been reading just that but exclusive authors are starting from 50 per cent if i am correct and not 60, them afterwards, u have a variety of potential fees, envato fee, potential US buyer ? IRS fee, so basically u are not getting 60% lol