$2.71 from $10.. this is sad :)

So I started this month with $2.71 on my account. Hmm… I was wondering what item I soldl and how many taxes I paid, so:

  • the item price for single license was $10 (but the buyer will pay $12.30 because of VAT)
  • I looked to the statement and the price of this item was only $7 (where are $3 ??) also I got the notice about US tax -$2.10
    so finally the amount was $4.90
  • But I also was taken -$2.19 for author fee
  • so I earned from the $10 only $2.71 boy this is sad :slight_smile:

OK, BUT where are the remaining $3 ?

Looks like this is buyer fee. Look in edit menu of this item where you set the price. You can find explanation there

It looks that envato takes twice from me… one because of buyer fee and second is the author fee…

( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning
Hope now you clear.

Yep… but still, envato takes twice from my work…

it not only for you but also for all Items have to pay both Buyer fee and Author fee. Mean all Item included a buyer fee which will be taken from the buyer. Auhtor fee from the Author.

They take the author fee from you the author, and they take the buyer fee from the buyer. It’s just the way they divided their fees, but it doesn’t really matter.

What you can do is see if you can reduce or do away with the Withholding Tax.

You have a gross income on this marketplace.
gross income = list price - buyer fee

On base of this gross income you must pay the US Withholding Tax and the Author Fee.
gross income * withholding tax(%) = x1
gross income * author fee(%) = x2
net income(earnings) = gross income - x1 - x2

In your case:
list prise = $10.00
buyer fee = $3.00
us withholding tax = 30%
your author fee rate = 31.25%

$10.00 - $3.00 = $7.00
$7.00 * 0.3 = $2.10
$7.00 * 0.3125 = $2.19
$7.00 - $2.10 - $2.19 = $2.71

You are from Poland, so provide your Polish tax id in the W-8 form as foreign tax id to benefit from the 10% tax treaty between USA and Poland.