Understanding how much i should earn ?



I’ve searched everywhere to understand the envato system but no luck.

I live in France and had 3 sales to now, 17usd each sale, but only have 17 usd in my balance.

Envato fees are 50% in my understanding, but 17usd ( my balance ) isn’t 50% of 51 usd ( my sales before envato fees)

All the 3 sales are from outside the EU, so envato shouldn’t take VAT.

Can anyone explain this to me please?


The list price on the items pages is the Item Price + Buyer Fee
The buyer fee on Codecanyon is 20%
The buyer fee is income for Envato, your gross income of a sale is the item price.

$17.00 - 20% = $13.60

On base of this gross income you have to pay US Withholding tax if Envato has no taxpayer information about you and the author fee. Your author fee at level 1 is 37.5% of the gross income.

$13.60 * 0-30% US Withholdung Tax = $x.xx
$13.60 * 37.5% = $5.10

Your Earnings: $13.60 - $5.10 - $x.xx