Sales to US client" earning is less than 1/3 of list price

My item is currently on CodeCanyon, PHP Script catagory. List price $36
However, every sale for a US client, my net earning is only $10.4
Can anyone explain why? Enclosed is the Envato statement from my dashboard

Thank you

Here you go…

Thank you @SpaceStockFootage
I’ve already read that well-known article. However, my case seems more complex as I also have to pay the extra “support fee” (see my screenshot). Can you help explain the 4 lines of the statement included? How can they come up with those fees?

According to the article, my earning should have been:

  • List price: $36
  • Item price: $28 (20% deducted)
  • Before royalty tax: $17.5 ($28 deducted by 37.5% author fee)
  • After royalty tax: $12.25 ($17.5 deducted by 30% tax)

So, it should be $12.25 but I’m getting only $10.4

Very much appreciated

The price is made up of the item and the support. The combined item price is $32, as you can see from the statement… $20 and $12.

Item price: $32
30% tax: $9.60
37.5% authors fee: $12
Item price minus taxes and fees: $10.40

Thank you very much @SpaceStockFootage, this is exactly what I have been wondering about
Envato should somehow change the way they are showing the statement, which is misleading

The point is:

  • Figure out the combined item price
  • Tax and author fee are computed on the same base: the combined item price

Thank you again for making it clear to me