I sold something for $40 but eventually I got $12.94 !?

I just got confused
Am I pay too much tax or Envato fee?
also why I have to pay US Royalty Withholding Tax?


I really appreciare if someone explain it


( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning
Check your Author fee here:

US Tax Treaties:

Non-Exclusive Author Fee 55%


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Hello @Mohammad-Rasool

When item purchase from USA they charge tax.

you can check tax for your country here

Fill tax information from settings

Thanks :slight_smile:

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my author fee is 32.50 %

40 - 6 = 34
34 - 34x0.3 = 34 - 10.2 = 23.98
34 - 34x0.325 = 11.05
23.98 - 11.05 = 12.93

6 mean buyer fee
0.3 mean your tax 30%
0.325 mean your Author fee 32.5%


Thanks a lot all
may I know All of authors pay this fees ?(except Author fee that is changeable )

I see. I took Author fee from price after US taxes.

only difference is TAX based on Author Country Area and Author fee. other things are same

which countries won’t pay US taxes?

Hello @Mohammad-Rasool

you can check list here

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have given link in my first reply. check here


Ok Thanks all for helping

for example, it had written Azerbaijan III(1)(a) 0
it means what?

It mean if you submit w8 form then no tax for that country.

Also when a US person what to buy something, he/she warn that(knows that) author will pay Tax or not?

was that clear?

Buyer has no intention to know that Author is paying tax or not. TAX is totally everyone own responsibility. Hope you got all of your answer. If you have any more query please contact Envato Support. Thanks

Do not forget to include your Foreign Tax ID in the form, without the ID you will still pay 30% on US sales. Foreign Tax ID is the Tax Identification Number (TIN) you use in your country for paying taxes.

Nice awareness!

Hey @anon76595093,

Something off the thread. But being from India do you get “US Royalty Taxes” refund? We would like to know as are not able to proceed for the same.