So 30% for US Tax is actualy 36%?

I sold a song which is 19$ and after deducing authors fee of 5.51 further 4.56 $ was taken from what was left. And that 36% not 30%.

Can we choose not to sell to US buyers because it is humiliating to earn ~5 $ on a song. ( I like Americans though,don’t get me wrong), btw I can say that Americans are my best customers
Also how do we know that buyers really are from US.


Sounds right. The list price is $19, item price is $15.20 and 30% of that is $4.56

Yes but why are they deducing from the item price? which than really amounts to 4.56. But we never ever saw that 15.20 to begin with. It was just listed that way just for the sake of something. we all know that what we earned was 50% of 19$ which is 9.5 $. And 30% of that amount is around 3$. so they are deducing 30% from the amount that we never had actually. Gross as it is, it would be at least more honest if they took 30% of 9.5$ not 15.20$. Right? Right.

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I don’t think there’s been a definitive answer as to why yet.

Collis explains here.

Also if you click on on collis’s name and click on the “6 messages” button you can see all his replies in one which are really helpful on the topic.

They have to change the graph here and present clearly how much you have to give instead of how much you will earn… 20.7 doesn’t even cover the server bills :smiley: the transfer times moving around and nothing at all… this is turning out to be the biggest failure here…


The point is Envato earns more than we do on every sale. So 50/50 split for exclusive authors is not true actually. That should be said so.


Yes this is not clear. On the 1st of january I got one sale. A music broadcast license at $30,40. But my balance after this sale was $4,56. Some very good guy explain me why but I am not sure to understand…
Then a few day later the client who order the boadcast license ask for a refund of the basic license for the same song he order 3 month before.
At the end when I sold the broadcast license I lost $6,34. So now I known that sometime I have to pay to sell a broadcast license to US :frowning:
So the US tax for me is not 36% but around 120%

Did you refund it yourself?! Refunds should go through Envato only. Of course you’re going to lose money if you refund money you never had in the first place.
Edit: maybe I read wrong.

Well, also minus your income tax counted on your bank transfer, say for ex. 25%.

On a 100$ sale
100 -40(fee’s) = 60
60 -30%(US tax) = 42
42 -25%(income tax) = 31,50 / 100 $

In worst case scenario then with a 15$ song
0,315 * 15 = 4,725 $

No Envato send me an email indicating that the client was refund:
The user purchased initially a Standard License for your item. Then they needed to upgrade the license to Music Broadcast License 1 Million. They already re-purchased the item with the correct type of license and they are entitled to receive a refund. According to our policy we will deduct your earnings with the amount of your share of one sale of the item with a Standard License.

So this time I have to pay to sell a broadcast license and don’t get anything.

After the boadcast license and first sale in january my balance was $4;56 and I pay back 6,84 after the refund. so I lose around $2 because I unfortuatly get a sale from US :smile:

Couple of points on that one. First, the calculation should be…

$100 - 20% (Buyers fee) = $80 (Item price)
30% of $80 (US tax) = $24
37.5% of $80 (Author’s Fee) = $30
$80 - $24 - $30 = $26
$26 - 25% (Income tax) = $19.50

Worst case scenario with $15 song = $3.12

Although, anyone with a tax treaty with the US should be able to write off the IRS withholding against their income tax, so they won’t have to pay that again. Obviously, if they don’t have a tax treaty with the US, then that’s unlikely unfortunately.

Ahh make sense. Thank you!

Sorry for the confusion. Well it’s clear this situation cannot be maintained. Having a negative balance after making a broadcast sale is ridiculous and insulting. I hope you do get your ITIN as soon as possible.

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Yes I will but I need to buy a passport as I only get an id card. So I don’t known if it is profitable. And it wast time. And time is money…

Are you sure that’s right? If we ignore the price for now, a regular license should net you X in your account. A broadcast license is double, so that should give you XX… a total of XXX. If they’ve refunded the standard license then they’ll take away one lot X, still leaving you with XX. Even ignoring the whole tax thing and authors fees and buyers fees, you still get something every time you sell an item. So you should still have twice as much as you got for the regular license in your account.

Unfortunately it is correct.

Initial sale:

item price: $15.20
author fee: $8.36

Broadcast sale:

item price:$30.4
US Tax: $9.12
Author fee: $16.72
Earning: $4.56

Refund of the initial sale: -$6.84

Net earning: minus $2.28!!!

This track is going to play on TV and the author had to pay for it!! This is insane!!


I don’t known how it works but it is true that my balance on the 1st of junuary was $4,56 after a having sold broadcast license. This license was sold around $30 by Envato. Then Envato refund the client for his first order he made 3 month later when he buy the basic license at $15. So Envato remore aroud $6.
So at the end I get around $-3.
It doen’t matter. I known Envato is a business and have to go ahead with his policy and tax stuff. Of course if I have one day a lot of sales it could be a a bit annoying. I hope I won’t get to mutch sales from US.

Ah right, they bought the initial track before 2016?

yes on november I think