Can someone explain me this calculation

My item cost $11
after all taxes and fees, i’ve earn $5.06

Looks about right. List price is $11. Buyers fee at 20% is $2.20. Item price is therefore $8.80, which the withholding is calculated on. A withholding of 30% of $8.80 would make $2.64. Deduct $2.64 from the money you’d usually get, which I’m assuming was previously $7.70, and you’re left with $5.06.

Based on my calculation since i’m elite author (70% revenue share), i’ve earn only 46% from every sale that was made from US. I must admit it’s very stressful since all my buyers are most from US. If sales does not increase (i think it should) in this case most of us will earn a 50% less than usual, what will then motivate other authors who are not Elite?

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But why 30%, Did you have not submitted the form?, wondering why

I have submitted w8 15 days ago

I guess you didnt provide a TAX ID so you get -30% from US sales.

Correct i’m not provide tax id. What about ITIN for non us resident? How to apply?