Why Themeforest deducing tax for other countries than US? I am an Indian Author.

I (Exclusive Author) have listed my item for $8 but I only got 1.38 only.
$4 is Buyer Fee but what about left $4.
More Than 50% is deduced.

Have you filled W8 form ? Without filling the form, from 480$ earnings I’ve only received ~90$

Yes, I have filled the form but that makes no difference.

It does make a difference… it ensures you don’t get any tax withheld on non-US sales, and if you’ve filled in a valid foreign tax ID number, then it means you get 15% withheld on US sales rather then 28%.

$8 list price.
$4 buyers fee
$4 item price.
$0.60 withholding tax (15%)
$1.50 author’s fee (37.5%)

Total to you: $1.90

It would be $1.38 if 28% withholding tax was applied, so it sounds like you’ve not added a valid foreign tax ID.


Hello @SpaceStockFootage,

Where do I enter the valid foreign tax ID?

Go to your settings menu and it’s under tax info or tax settings.

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I have uploaded foreign tax ID but I don’t know how to check whether they have accepted it or not. Is there a way to check it?

Should be fine, but the easiest way to check is just wait until you get your first sake after updating your details, and check you’re having the right amount withheld on your statement page.

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