Why I get only 11$ for 45$ WordPress Theme Sell ?

Hi everybody.

I am new to Envato and Themeforest. Recently one of my WordPress Theme approved. In my last sell, I got only 11$ out of 45$. Can any please one tell me why it happens?

In my profile, it says you sold 20$ but it has just added 11$ to my balance.

Thank’s :slight_smile:

@SpaceStockFootage is a bit of a guru at breaking down earning but if you look here it will help https://themeforest.net/become-an-author

It’s most likely to do with % of earning and withholding tax - was the buyer from the US? Have you submitted W8 forms?

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The buyer was from USA, But I don’t know about w8 forms. What’s that?

That’s almost certainly the cause then as you will be withholding a %

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Thank’s @charlie4282 .

I will try and see what can I do

In this case, envato cost calculator will help you. Search it in the Internet. It will help calculate the amount of net income.

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