Earnings for WP themes?

Hi guys, can someone please tell me how much I can expect to earn from a WP theme selling for $60 exclusively on Themeforest if I reached elite author status? I just want a SIMPLE ANSWER, please don’t post links to other pages, or reply with any “it depends” answers. I just want to know HOW MUCH I AM ENTITLED TO TAKE HOME after being taxed to the max(think worst case scenario) and envato fees, buyer, seller, or whatever other fees envato has. So basically, If I sell an item for $60 how much can I withdraw if I was ALREADY an elite author?
Maybe even let me know how much you take home (per sale) selling WP themes? Would greatly appreciate a simple answer, and please forgive the all caps.

If you are Elite author than you will earn $41 some thing

Simple - $42

And one “if” only for US buyers:

If the buyer is from US and your country doesn’t have a treaty with the US - $27.6

Thank you very much guys, appreciate you replying. :smile: