Confusion about earning

I have uploaded my item on codecanyon 2 days ago , it is approved on 30 dollars , and last 2 sales with tax cut off were of 15 dollar each as my earning , but today another copy was sold but the strange thing is , i only got 8 dollar out of 30 dollars and when i went to earnings section , there it says last sale was of 14 dollars but my item costs 30 dollar , how it can be possible that the sale was of 14 dollars ? . i have already submitted the w8 form days ago .

As an author from Italy, if you’re receiving different amounts in your account for the same items, then the most likely issue is that you’ve filled out a W8 without a tax ID number. When that happens, you won’t have any taxes withheld for non-US sales, and you’ll have 30% withheld from US sales. That would result in $15 for a non-US sale and $7.80 for a US sale. Is that what you’re getting, or is it $8 exactly?

it is $8 exact , because yesterday was $30.50 as per first 2 sales.

You’ve lost me. Is the item $30? If so, you should be getting $15 per sale if no taxes are withheld. So I’m not sure where this extra $0.50 has come from.

Item costs $30 , w8 form was submitted without tax id as i don’t have one yet , last 2 sales with all tax cut offs were 15 dollar each, and today it says 14 dollar sale and got 8 dollar .

Just fill your Foreign Tax id. I have done this and there is no additional tax fees.

Ok, well as you’ve filled in a W8 without a tax ID, then a $30 item sold to a non-US buyer will give you $15 in your account and the price shown in your statement page will be $24. That’s the item price, which is the list price ($30) minus the 20% buyers fee.

The same sale to a US buyer will give you $7.8 in your account. 30% tax is withheld which is calculated on the item price. So 30% of $24 is $7.20. Subtract that from your $15 and you’re left with $7.80.

Either way, neither of your two items should result in a list price, an item price or a final sales amount of $14 or $8.

As Titan says, add your tax ID and then you won’t have any taxes withheld at all. That’s taxes though, the $15 that is taken from all your sales are fees.

Hi thanks for your suggestions , i have added the tax id in w-8 form , so now i think all should be good. :slightly_smiling:

Jolly good!

i had anther sale now , and the states are kind this way

Item price : 30 dollar , recieved 11 dollar , now i have also submitted tax id , then why 11 dollar ? at the place of 15 ? .

Is that sale from the US? if so, then it’s totally fine as you’re from India (not sure why SpaceStockFootage said from Italy!) which has tax rate of 15% with the US, and I suppose your exact net earnings are $11.4 from that sale, aren’t they?

Yes , it’s 11.4 the earning , what would be the difference if it was from country other then india ? . SpaceStockFootage said italy because i did created the account when i was in italy now im in india so i changed tax and all.

What if it was italy ? , the earning would have been different ? .

Not sure why and not sure if anybody here knows why, but I think it’s just political reasons nothing else!
A lot of countries that seem to be not in favor with the US, have tax rates up to 30% with the US!

Yeah, you definitely had an Italy flag this morning!