Updated my W8 form - now what?


Ok, I updated my form after noticing that my current sales / income did not match 50/50.

Now what? I’m in Canada; do they have to manually apply the tax treaty info? So far I still have US tax being withheld. I see Canada is on the list.

I know this has been debated; but 28% is more than 28% when you look at the additional effort required to bring in enough sales to cover it! The money goes down or the effort goes MUCH higher.

Feel free to PM me any other online l1braries that are NOT based in the center of North America :slightly_smiling:


If you didn’t include a tax ID number, then you’ll have nothing withheld on non-US sales and 30% withheld on US sales. If you did include a valid tax ID number, then you should have anything withheld on any of your sales. Prior to filling in the W8, you would have had 28% withheld on all sales.


Thanks Space!

I filled out the W8 and I haven’t not had the withheld tax returned to me yet. I definitely included a valid tax ID for my country.

Now I’m not sure where to send for help? Can we contact Envato directly on this, or do they only correct / refund tax twice a year? If it’s on a schedule I don’t mind, but it’s been over a month so far.



No backsies!
You’ll get a tax recap at the end of the fiscal year stating how much you paid to the IRS. You may use this document to try and get something like a tax credit at the Canadian fiscal administration. But neither Envato nor the IRS will give back what you already paid, I’m afraid.


Yeah, what The Fog said!


well OK then!

haha thanks for saving me some time trying to figure this one out. Sense it makes not, but hey; that’s the world innit?

I won’t waste any more time on what they’ve already taken then, thanks Fog & Space!