W8 form...only 35% for each sale?

Hi there! I am new on themeforest and I have an item of 10$ and i received only 2.76$ for each sale.
i am from Romania and I am an exclusive author…why the procent is so small?
I need to complete the w8 form to get 50%?
Please give me an answer!

You need to complete a W8 form so that you get 0% withheld on non-US sales and 30% withheld on sales coming from the US. But if you provide a Tax ID Number with the form, you’ll have only 10% withheld on US sales.

And I have to print the form and sign it or I can complete with my name on the signature part?
Thank you for answering to my question.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of the availability of the form in your profile setting, but here is the link where you can fill out the form online (it’s going to take effect immediately after you submit the form): https://themeforest.net/user/galliasoft/tax_information/non-us-person/new (this link works only if you’re logged in).

I think I complete this before, but anyway I completed this form again. But for the sales that are from other countries, not from US the taxes will be smaller?

No taxes on non-US sales after you complete the form.

I see…Thank you very much for your patience and answering to all my questions.

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling:
Also if you revisit the above link, you should see an indication (at the top of page) that you successfully submitted the form. It’s worth making sure.

I checked now, thank you again :slight_smile:

well it depends on treaty and where @galliasoft is coming from …

hi, well u get it, no matter what your situation is all about, we cannot have a better advice for you than fulfilling the form anyway … in the worst case, it won’t change anything, if someone comes from a country with no agreement with USA but in all other cases, people are better off by fulfilling