Question about Tax for an Author with no US treaty.

I am from Serbia which is a country that has no tax treaty with the US. I submitted a W8 form and all.
My question is, will I be paying any taxes when I sell to Non-US buyers?
I had my first sale today this year and it was a US buyer and because of taxes instead of the regular 6$ I only got 2, which is pretty ridiculous compared to the other marketplaces I sell at.

My understanding is that if you have submitted the W8 form and are in a country with no tax treaty, there will be 30% tax - on US sales only. Even if your country doesn’t have a tax treaty with the US, it’s still important that you filled the form, because otherwise you would have ended up with 28% tax on all sales.

No, if you’ve filled in the W8 then you won’t have any tax withheld on non-US buyers.

In a more personal view, if paying tax to US, that sale does not need to be taxed in the own country?

Thanks guys!
@atlemusic Well, that’s what the US tax treaty is for. In theory if your country has a treaty with US, you pay taxes in your own country and some of it should go to US if you had any business with the US… As far as I can understand it. But I don’t think it works the other way around if that is what you ask.

It’s my understanding that if your country has a tax treaty with the US, then the document that Envato are going to issue you next year can be used to offset the tax you’ve paid to the US against the tax you need to pay in your own country. That might not wash if your country doesn’t have a tax treaty with the US though, as your own government might not recognise that document.

You can’t just ‘not report the earnings’ though, as you’ve already paid tax on them. As with most of the tax authorities I’ve encountered… you report absolutely every shred of income, and then report all your deductions. You’ll usually end up in trouble if you’re self-prescribing deductions and tax breaks.

This is just what I’ve read/heard though… as always, consult a tax advisor and/or doctor before following my advice or listening to my opinions.