tax issue

I live in Dubai and UAE is a country free from tax, but still 30% tax of my all income withheld through the last year, I know the UAE and US have not tax treaty benefits, but my total sales weren’t on US sales.
so how can I fix this issue?

You still need t fill the W8 form (you can find it in your dashboard’s settings tab). That way you won’t have to pay US taxes on your non-US sales.

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I have filled the form but the 30% withhold has taken. is it 0% or 28% for non-US sales?

It should be 0% for non-US sales if the form was correctly submitted. Only the US sales should be subjected to US taxes. If you’re getting taxed on your non-US sales as well, it means the W8 form was not correctly submitted.

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OK, Thanks. :wink:

Envato has moved to the USA. If your country does not have a tax treaty with the USA, you’ll get taxed for all sales.

This is incorrect. If the W8 is correctly filled and submitted, non-US sales will not be taxed.