Tax Information in Dubai UAE

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Can someone guide me, if we are not us person and living in tax free region like Dubai, UAE, and don’t have A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), So in this case what should we put in TIN area, Will it still deduct 28% from my gross sales?

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Be sure to prepare your account for taxes and you are not a US person …
I am also someone who does not exist in my taxes …
But this deduction is not for taxes, but the deduction is made to the authors and some things
See this article:

The United Arab Emirates have not yet sign a double taxation agreement with the United States of America (UAE is not on the list of countries).

So your options are:

A. fill out the W-8 form without Tax ID = 30% US Royalty Withholding Tax on US sales only
B. not fill out the W-8 form = 28% US Backup Withholding Tax on all your sales

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which one will be the better option?

A or B ?

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Unless more than 94%, or thereabouts, of your sales are from the US… go for A.

Got it, Thank you