if you live in a tax free country....?

Hey there, i live in Dubai, and there is no income tax here, so i am not sure what all these tax things mean to me - i filled in the form and it told me > You have selected that you will not or are unable to provide a Tax Identity Number. You will not be entitled to claim treaty benefits and will be subject to a 30% withholding rate on your U.S. sales.

Does this mean that i will forfeit 30% on sales?



Yes, to be free from tax ( if you live in tax free country ) you need fill Tax Identity Number field with your local tax id

But i dont have one?

The United Arab Emirates have no tax treaty benefits with the US, so you don’t really need to provide a Tax ID Number, 30% percent will be taken from your US sales whether you provide a Number or not. I’m sorry.

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ok thanks! :smile:

HELP! I didn’t found a thread for this.
I sent my W- 8 ben to envato mails but they didn’t answer! How can I know if everything is ok BEFORE 31 December?

Thanks !

So you choose to submit the form via E-mail to Envato instead of submitting it under Tax Information on your profile setting page?

I have the same case. I live in a country free from tax. You don’t need to provide any Tax ID or number. Sad as it is. 30% sounds a lot but oh well.

To the people without tax treaties… still make sure that you fill out the form, even if you’re not submitting a tax ID. If you don’t fill out the form then you get 28% withheld on all sales. If you fill out the form without a tax ID then you get 30% withheld, but only on US sales.

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Everything is so confused right now.
On the tax settings waas written I successfully submitted my w8 ben form, so it seems that everything was ok, but I have a doubt:
I readed an article where was explained to submit the w8ben form.
It requires a TIN, but I don’t have one, so I sent an e mail to ask if my fiscal code can replace it.
Maybe it’s just a different way we are talking about the same thing but name it in different way.
No one answered.
Can somebody confirm am I right?

Yes, Italy has 0% tax treaty benefits with the US. so if you want to benefit from that treaty you’ll need to submit a Tax ID Number or ITIN. Unfortunately I don’t know whether your Fiscal Code can be used in the Tax ID Number field or not. I suggest you ask a local tax advisor or ask other Italian authors about the Fiscal Code.

Your codice fiscale is enough. Put this in the “Foreign tax ID” field :+1:

There is also a thread for italian authors:

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WOW, thank a lot man!
And thank you for linking the article also! Bye :wink:

Register for a tax ID in U.A.E
Add this to your form and you will claim benefit of not being deducted, means 0% tax.

I’m not seeing UAE on the list, so unless I’m missing something, it will be 30% for anyone from Dubai, whether they enter a tax ID or not.