Anybody Know why deducted "US Royalty Withholding Tax" from my sale $ Amount?

i am already submit my tax identity number from my profile page.
but current deducted “US Royalty Withholding Tax” in my item sales.

Perhaps your country has a double taxation treaty with the USA, which includes a 10% tax on copyrights.

or maybe the benefit of this whole change story lol

Where are you from? Is it a country that has a 10% tax treaty benefit with the US?

I’m from Bangladesh

Well the tax treaty with Bangladesh is 10%, so that would explain it.

So, if I read it correctly, India too has a double taxation treaty, and Indian authors will have a deduction of 15% ?

That’s correct. If an author from India fills out a W8 form, and includes their tax ID, then they’ll have 15% withheld instead of 30%.

Oh man! so if I sell something worth $100 here.
$20 is deducted as buyer fee.
$24(approx) Envato fee
$8.4 (15%) US TAX
$14.28 (30% )Local Taxes
We will get $33.32

Anyway to reduce the taxes, maybe fill some other form or something. We are developing a theme, just a week away from release :frowning:

Actually US tax would be higher. IT would be 15% of the item price (before deduction of the author fee), so it would amount to $12, not $8.4

that’s the problem u point it well … and it may be worst again if u are a non exclusive author …

I’m exclusive Author

what you fill in w8 form ? ITIN or pan or tax ID of your county. If you fill ITIN no then where you you get this no.

i guess it depends on what u have been asking for lol according to what u are and what u do lol

I am also from Bangladesh I have submitted ITIN on Envato also but they deduct tax not all sales but couple of sales not sure why from this month ?? I have 2 partnership ID with US guy but these are OK. Not sure what happen !!! I think this happen only US buyers who did not submit ITIN , this is my guess not sure.

Also get information that from Bangladesh it will be 10% Withholding Tax on Royalties which explain there


I am charged 30% for this withholding cr*ap.

Can I opt out to sell to US clients? :slight_smile:

As a German, there is no reason for you to pay any tax! Just submit the W8 form with a valid TIN and you’ll be good.

Hi. I’m from Brazil and i have a !!! 25% !!! TAX… It’s crazy. :frowning:

Should be 30% (If you’ve filled out a W8. 28% if you haven’t), so I’d keep quiet on that one… hopefully nobody will notice!

I am from Bahrain and we dont pay any tax and dont have any us tax treaty, i pay 30% for any us sales :(…It’s really no good