Anybody Know why deducted "US Royalty Withholding Tax" from my sale $ Amount?

I have filled everything. I do the things right.!! But I don’t think this crazy taxes is good to envato market at all.

But you’re still having 25% deducted? As for whether it’s good for the Envato market… that’s a whole different topic altogether! Only time will tell I guess.

I have filled the form at November… :(( maybe fill again ? or it’s the real thing.?

That’s 30%, which is the correct withholding amount for Brazil. There’s only a problem if you’re having 30% withheld on non-US sales.

I went to CM to sell themes and brought this double taxation on me and then when I come back to TF, they also now have it. This is a suckage.

The worst part is being taxed when a US buyer buys from you. Most buyers are from the US. Too bad.

Did envato really have to go to the US? The world is a global village. Close that expense black hole and go back to Australia.

MJ is in the US and they don’t have double taxation for some non-US authors.

Maybe they will change this thing.

I just had my first broadcast license sale. It was around $250 dollars (I was pretty excited), but I ended up getting around $90 after the 28% backup withholding tax was taken away. The thing is, I am from Australia and submitted my form just before the end of 2015. As far as I can tell, I should be paying 5% tax. Can someone please confirm if I am correct?

Also, should I have received any sort of confirmation after I submitted the form? I have received nothing to say the form was filled out incorrectly or that they have even processed it.

I haven’t had any other sales from the US this year.

On a $250 sale, you would have got $69 if 28% backup withholding tax was taken. With a 5% withholding, you should have got $115.

Sorry. I may not have been clear about what my question was. I’m not worried about the exact amount I should have received. I double checked and the license was actually $304, but that’s irrelevant. What I’m really asking is if I should have paid the 28% tax. As far as I can tell, it should be 5% for Australians. I know I paid the tax as it is clearly stated in the sale breakdown.

The other question was whether or not I should have received some sort of confirmation about the submitted form. I don’t know whether I need to submit it again or what.

Look at your statement page.
If it reads “backup witholding tax” = Envato never receive the W-8 form = 28% on all sales
If it reads "royalty witholding tax = Envato receive a W-8 form

If Envato receive the W-8 form without a valid Tax ID = 30% on us sales
If Envato receive the W-8 form with your valid Tax ID = 5% on us sales for Australians.

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