US Royalty Withholding Tax deducted - I have submited


I am from India. I have supplied Tax Form W-8 already but still US Royalty Withholding tax is taken from my sales.
What could be wrong with this?

Thank you

Did you submit your tax w-8 form successfully like this

you can get more information from envato author help center

Hello @creatcy

I am also from india, They will charge 15% tax when item purchase from USA

Thanks :slight_smile:

when you filled w-8 form have you provided your TIN number.? You have to provide TIN information. please discuss with your legal Advisor/Advocate about this.

The form won’t “remove” the tax - just “adjust” it to the accurate level (in your case as @anon76595093 said - 15%


what are we talking about ? u talk about teh small fee after u submitted your tax things or are they taking out a bit amount like 1 third ? because if the second option there has to be somethign wrong with the way u submitted. for the 15% left (for indian authors) they are normal u cannot skip them …