W8 Fform

I just filled W8 form, but still pay for US taxes. Should it be updated instantly or after some time?

It should take effect immediately, make sure you see at the top of the page where you filled out the W8 form an indicator that says you successfully submitted your tax information… bla-blah.

Keep in mind that you may still get taxed on US sales, what determine the percentage are 1) where you live, and 2) whether you’ve provided your Tax ID Number or not.

I have no Tax ID number. what should I do?
and yes it says "You successfully submitted your tax information on 02 Mar 2016 AEDT.

If you wish to update these details, please re-submit the form below."

Submitting Tax ID Number doesn’t help if your country doesn’t have tax treaty with the US, so where do you live?

Currently in Malaysia

Malaysia doesn’t have tax treaty with the US, therefore submitting Tax ID Number won’t help, sorry.

so in any ways I have to pay 30% tax from any buyers?

No, only US buyers.

filling up online application is enough or I am required to send something to taxinfo@envato.com?

Envato made it easy for us, filling the form in your profile setting is all what you need to do.

Perhaps I should contact with envato support team

Why do you think that?

then why it is still taking tax for non-US buyers?

I just had a buyer from Ireland and it took 30% tax from it

Oh, that’s bad! It happened to someone two weeks ago and the Help Team sorted it out, so go for it.

Can it be retrieved or you have no idea about it?

BTW, thanks for replies :slightly_smiling: )

I would say 98% yes, he seemed to be happy :slightly_smiling:

fuuuf. thanks buddy :wink:

You’re welcome. Let me know what you end up with :slightly_smiling:

Sure thing