Help , why is my earning is less than what i should have ?

hi guys
i have tow codes to sell on my account , each price is 13$
i sold 11 items and i earned 68.86$ after taxes as it shown in my portfolio , but i see in my earning section that what i earned is 38.02$ !!
How is that ?

You probably didn’t provide TAX information ( w8 / w9 form ) Search the forum “tax hold” and you’d see that you’re not the only one

thanks for replaying
yes i didn’t provide it before , now i provide it … should that make my earn much more ?

If you check your history, there’s a TAX HOLD amount. You should receive that amount depends on the agreement between USA and your country.

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Based on your name, I’m going to assume you’re from Egypt. Sorry if that’s not right. If you don’t submit a W8 then you get 28% withheld from all sales. If you submit a W8 without a tax ID number, then you get 30% withheld from all US sales, and 0% withheld from all non-US sales. If you submit a W8 with a valid tax ID, then you get 15% withheld from all US sales and 0% withheld from all non-US sales.

That’s if you’re from Egypt though, it will be different if you’re living somewhere else. So the amount they were withholding (should be on your statement page in orange, I think)… that will now be $0 for non-US sales, and it will be half what it was before, for US sales. If you’re from Egypt, and you’ve completed a W8 with a valid foreign tax ID number!


yeah i am from egypt and recently i submited a W8 without a tax ID number , should i do some thing else or just waiting ??
thanks for helping

You need to enter a tax number to get the reduction on US sales, but aside from that… you’ve done everything correctly.