Why my salse earning is not same to my balance ?

I have a product in codecanyon with a listing price of $7 ($2 fees so the net amount I will get after a sale is $5).
I have completed 2 sales my balance is only 3.81$ but my sales earning is showing $6.24$.

what is the issue ??

Check your statement. It will show everything that happens to your sales:


Most likely, you’re being subject to US withholding tax. Did you submit your tax information? See the following article.

taxes my friend. All we paying taxes when someone from usa is buying, If you are lucky and you have filled some form (W9 for example) your taxes will be lower. You need to spend a little time to read about this and fill correct form.

Probably $2 buyer’s fee… but what about the author’s fee?

I will give you example.

One of my item is 12$ - and this is what customer see. Then someone from USA bought my item - what I see is 11$ (1$ went out as fee) and then 1.10$ US Royalty Withholding Tax (for me it is 10% but it can be different depending where you live).

And at the end there is $3.58 author fee for sale (I sell as exclusive so my fee is lower than fees for non exclusive authors).

So finally someone bought my item and payed 12$ - and I earned 6.32$ as exclusive author with 10% taxes for US.

Looks scary and not so good… but this is how it works. :slight_smile:

And remember I showed you the worst scenario because of US tax which is taken only if your buyer is from USA, but real tragedy is when someone didn’t filled forms or live in the country which do not cooperate with USA - then you can see real big taxes. You need to read about this.