Author-Driven Price changes automatically?

Hello there! I have this question that I wasn’t able to find the answer yet.

Let’s say that I started today at Envato, my author fee is 37.5% and set a VideoHive $50 for the item price (buyer fee is $6). The final price will be $74,75.

Some years later, now I’m a great seller and my author fee is 12.50%.

Here is the question: What is my price now?

I will still earn $50 and the final price will be $62.25?

Or Envato automatically increases my value to keep the final price the same?

If you set your item price to be $50, then your list price (final price) will be $56 with a $6 buyer fee.
Out of those $50, Envato takes 37.5% as the author fee.
When your rate is 12.5%, the list price is still $56, the item price is still $50, but your author fee is only 12.5%. That means you’ll get $43.75 then.

Thank you!! It sounds so obvious now, I don’t know why I thought that the author fee is summed to the final price, when it’s just discounted from my earnings.

Thanks again.

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No prob. To be fair, the system Envato has put in place is overly complicated and “unnatural”.