How much are fees and taxes for videohive

Hello guys !

I just wanted to ask how are calculated fees and taxes in videohive products , because I am seeing very few bucks .
For example i just sold a lower third priced 12 $ and my income 4.12 $ ( The buyer was from Peru ) Imagine it was from USA . the remaining will be just nearly1.6$ for a 12 $ product .
Imagine I have to pay my taxes here too …

Is this fair share for authors ?

If you’re non-exclusive, you get 45% of the item price. If you’re exclusive, you get between 62.5% and 87.5% of the item price. The item price being the list price stated on the site, minus the buyer’s fee. Then deduct any applicable taxes as well, which are calculated on the item price also. They vary quite a bit depending on our country.

Forgot to mention :

I am EXCLUSIVE Author .

I still cannot figure from 12 $ to get 4.12$ ???

If you read the links I gave you, you’ll see the buyers fee for your item depending on what category it is in, and you’ll also see authors fee that Envato take from the item price. You can also see your item price and buyers fee if you go to the edit tab on your item and scroll down to the pricing area. Or when you initially set the price on items uploaded since ADP had been introduced.

That will allow you to calculate your earnings prior to any applicable taxes. If that calculation results in $4.12 then happy days… you’ve not had any tax withheld. If it results in a higher amount, then you’ve had some tax withheld.

The amounts are all detailed in your statement page though… green for the item price, red for the authors fees and orange for taxes.

It’s been calculated like this for nearly four years… the only change is that the buyers fee is now a fixed amount with ADP, rather than a percebtage of the total price.

Buyer Fee: $6.00
Author Fee: 31.25%

$12.00 - $6.00 = $6.00
$6.00 * 0.3125 = $1.88
$6.00 - $1.88 = $4.12

you have got 68.66% of the item price

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As Sealord’s breakdown shows, you need to raise your prices to get 50% or more (of the list price). @feel_good

You need to set the price to $22 or above to get 50% or more.