Not receiving new prices?



Just wanted to check something. I know the prices have gone up for authors but on my my sales statements I’ve noticed I’m not getting the exact list price for the item. For e.g $19 items are being sold for $15.20 before the commission fee. Have the new prices not taken effect yet?



The statement page is always a little bit confusing, the price you are seeing (15,20) includes a 20% buyer fee, above the 15,20 you will see a price with a minus, this is your author fee. The author fee depends on how much you’ve sold on the envato market.

Hope this will clear some things up :slight_smile:



well that’s what I thought, but I’m still slightly confused. Shouldn’t the buy fee for a $19 item show as $19? Not $15.20? Even on the invoice it’s listed as $15.20 and not $19.

There’s a similar thing happening with other items too, It appears to be using the old prices still when customers buy something and not the new prices.


List price is $19. That means buyers pay $19. Those $19 include the item price ($15.20) and buyer’s fee ($4.80). So $15.20 is what you ‘get’ and what will appear in your invoices. You then have to ‘pay’ Envato the Author fee and you’re left with $9.50 (if you’re at 50% level).

Hope it clears things up :slight_smile:


this is correct, I also confused me, but the reason for the values that you see in the list is only for issues of envato billing (envato method of legal billing) :wink:


My author fee has changed from 5.70$ last week till 5.51 this week. Anyone know what could be the reason for this?

For me the item priced 18$ showed as 14.40 on the statement and now that the item price is 19$ it is showed as 15.20 on the statement. If you check your earnings tab you will probably see new earnings as 9.50 and the earning before the price change as 9$ (if you’re exclusive).


You probably made $3500 and are now at 51% commission. Congrats :smile:


Thanks, thats probably it! Time to quit my day job :wink:


Right, got it. Makes sense now!