My items are sold on low prices


Hello ,
Does anyone having the same problem ? After the start of the journey of author driven price , the minimum price of background is set to $ 3.00 . But one of my item was sold twice on $2.00 in last two days . But the item page shows that its price is $3.00 !!! It is very irritating. Looking for suggestions . I have contacted envato help . If you had this problem , was it solved ?? Looking for consolation .


What you see on the statement page is the actual item price rather than the list price. The list price (the price on your item page) is made up of the item price and the buyer fee which is fixed amount that Envato takes in addition to the author fee which is a percentage that Envato takes from the item price. Buyer fee for background items is $1, so the actual item price of your item is $2, and this is what’s shown on the statement page.


Thanks !! It was helpful .


You’re welcome :smile:
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#5 . Its the link .


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I think that’s the case . You can view the profile from the link . :slight_smile: