AudioJungle Pricing Query

Hi everyone,
I just sold my first track today and I have a question about the sale and earnings. My track was priced at 19 dollars. I had a look at the invoice though for the sale and the buyer had paid 15.20 USD for the track. How does that work? Is there currency voodoo going on or? The breakdown for this particular sale is 15.20 USD, minus 4.26 for tax withhold (I’ll sort tax out at some point), and 8.36 in fees, which leaves me with 2.58 in actual withdrawable earnings. I thought this seemed quite low for a track originally priced at 19 dollars?

Any and all help very much appreciated.

Thanks guys!

Check the help centre for more info on buyer’s fees and author’s fees, but when it comes to Audiojungle, the simple rule is that you get 50% and up if you’re exclusive, and 36% if you’re non-exclusive… then there’s withholding tax.

So if you ignore taxes for now, you got 36% of the sale price.

19/2=9,5$ to you per sale
15,2 $ is the price after taxes, but you don’t pay that tax, you get your 50% (9,5$) and then pay taxes as an individual entrepreneur in your country

You need to fill in tax information (Settings/Tax Information) to pay taxes as an individual entrepreneur in their own country. Form W-8 or Form W-9.

Many thanks for your replies guys. Very helpful.

Much appreciated!