19$ or 15.20$ INVOICE


Would someone know the reason why a customer would be charged 15.20$ instead of the initial 19$?



Buyer is charged $19. It includes a buyer’s fee. $15.20 is what you get. On which you have to pay an author fee.


Thanks for answering. So actually every author with a listed 19$ track gets 15.20$ before the author fee is applied? Am I correct? An author which is not exclusive (55%) then earns a total of USD $6.84 per track


Sounds right. This great post by @SpaceStockFootage goes in the details, you should check it out.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you that helped a lot! I’ve bookmarked the post you suggested. Thanks again! :+1:


This is what I was looking for too :fist: