After going non-exclusive sales almost dissapeared

For years I had low but steady sales (~120$ a month), than 4 months ago I went non-exclusive and ever since I almost have had no sales at all (arround 30$ a month…). Can this be a coincidence? Or audiojungle treats non-exclusives authors differently? If so it should have been said somwhere,but other than fee rate nothing else is mentioned in audiojungle FAQ or author terms.

Sounds odd. I know that your chances of beeing featured are bigger when you’re exclusive. At least it was a long time the case.

For how long have you been non-exclusive? Could be just ordinary sales fluctuations.

Since December and at the same time sales dropped like somebody clicked a switch. I had fluctuations before but this is total stop

Could this be related to the search engine tests? If so, then your sales should start increasing now, I would wait and see at first.

I’ve heard the non-exclusive accounts a little better earned )))
Compared to exclusive accounts .
This is with regards to 4 level and below .

Welcome to the club. Yes this particular months sales are awful. No single sale 5 days. This is search engine testing. Last month was good but this month i guess sales spread to other authors.

Can you explain a little more

I heard that now the majority sales those who are at the top and who have sooo many sales on one track .
This is due to the fact - as did a search -

  • top priority are the TOP authors
  • priority are the top tracks have a lot of sales .

And that’s what I heard from people who have not exclusive account , earn more as АJ and other audio stocks .
Heard that on a non-exclusive account upload just the slag and not the music , that is, to become more likely to sell something .

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yeah! sounds odd, but right now I’m not exclusive, and if I decide to change my status from non-exclusive to exclusive, I would like to see some changes in my sales…
I think that exclusivity can help to expose your music , because you have no chances to place your work in other libraries…
It’s my opinion.

Have you checked this?

Yes of course. I’m not talking about money earned but about sales made. Sales dropped. Money is of course less due to the fees. But there aren’t sales any more.

I’ve never been exclusive so I can’t tell what my total sales would be if I were. For me, the sales have been quite stable for two years as a non-exclusive, but sometimes I do wonder if there are some background logic systems that give better visibility for exclusive accounts. While my total sales have risen to reasonably good levels, there are quite a few exclusive portfolios that have risen faster with smaller portfolios and every once in a while I do tend to wonder if the main difference is the exclusivity.

Only Envato knows the truth in the matter.